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Kompozer Tutorial - Learn How To Create Your Own Website

Create your own website - Kompozer Video Tutorial is a STEP-BY-STEP web design course specially created for beginners without programming experience.  Author & Instructor Geena Antunovic.

To make your own site and to really understand what are you doing and what goes where into your website, you will have to understand the basics first. In my opinion this is where most people fail, because they fail to learn the basics. With " Create Your First Html Website With Free Programs In One Week " video course you simply will not be one of them.

This is exactly the reason I created this tutorial in the first place. There weren't any courses that covered the basics. They all assumed we know how to install programs and " stuff ". If there was one, I would have never created this course. When I started, I wanted to learn to create my website fast, easy and to look super professional. On top of that I wanted it done yesterday. So you can imagine all of the software and content management systems I tried  and all of the tutorials I bought. I figured, if I am this desperate to find, all that is really needed to learn, in order to be able to create a website, so are other people to.

I created this tutorial to be as thorough as it can be. I'll help you find the best free programs and website resources to help you create a site with minimal potential costs. We will go over what you need to get in order to set your website up and running, as quick and easy as humanly possible..

From my experience with teaching beginners, an Html editor is the easiest to learn. Changing to another method after learning an Html web editor is also easier. What you'll learn when using a web editor continues to be relevant even when using a WordPress or any other system and not the other way around. You will need Kompozer to format your text in WordPress if you want your posts to look professional. In this video course I will teach you how to use Kompozer to create your own website and install a WordPress blog.

Added: WORDPRESS VIDEO COURSE - 16 HIGH DEFINITION training videos that walk you through the techie side of creating and managing your WordPress Web Site. When you purchase Kompozer Tutorial You will get this complete video course free of charge..It is added to the download area. I aim to make kompozer-tutorial.com a one stop shop for website creation, ( meaning, when you buy this course you really don't need to buy any more courses on website creation ). So stay tuned for a next course & come back again, for more details please click here.

Read What Some Of Geena's Students And Reviewers Had To Say...

Beside Customers reviews, Kompozer video course was offered for an independent review on warrior forum. Why Warrior forum? It is one of the biggest, oldest and most trusted online forums. If I just post here reviews from my Customers, you don't have a way of knowing if that person is real or not. On warrior forum however, when you see War Room Member next to a profile, that means that individual actually paid their membership with their credit card. Thus confirming their identity as a real person.  Read below what some costumers & warriors had to say.

To read the original reviews please click here.
LAUN - War Room Member

You will never have to worry about making money online again.

If you pass up this opportunity, you will continue searching endlessly for a way to make money online because of the lack of important details needed to build websites.

When you have finished with her course, you will be armed with powerful assets in the form of skills that cross all niches on the Internet in some form or another. 

This Type of Training on the Internet for sale is very scarce! The material is outstanding and well put together.

P.S. The bonuses are going to knock your socks off!

KEVIN - Surrey UK

Geena you have over delivered with this course in my opinion.

The sales copy fully details what the buyer can expect from the course & leaves nothing out. When going through the course content it delivers exactly what has been detailed & much more besides.

Then come the bonuses, in particular the Graphics Starter Kit & Video Squeeze Pages. These bonuses are of tremendous value in their own right & save you from buying another product to obtain them.

Finally the website where all the content is hosted has a variety of links to very useful resources that will come in handy now or in the future.
IAN - Ian Michaels

There is absolutely nothing left out here, everything that you could ever think of is covered in great detail. This is simply a MUST HAVE for anyone who is serious about building a business online.

I have seen a lot of video courses and I can honestly say that this one is perhaps the most detailed and complete that I have ever seen.

The videos are not 1 or 2 minute overview videos, most of the videos are 10 minutes or longer so they are extremely thorough. All of the videos are high quality and Geena is a great teacher.

In summary, this is an exceptionally high quality product which delivers many times the value for the unbelievably low cost.
MURALIKA --------------------------------

I must say that this is by far most comprehensive product I have come across.
VIRGIL -------------------------------------

 I highly recommend it for newbies.

Wish I’d have had this years ago!

Geena does speak with an accent in a language other than English, but she speaks very clearly and precisely—very easy to understand what she says.
LENJ2020 ---------------------------------

Even if you are a Wordpress user like I am there is tremendous value in knowing and understanding how to build a website from scratch.
ERIC ---------------------------------------

If you don't know how to make an html website, nor a wordpress site, you will after watching her videos. She teaches you how to do all of this with FREE tools.

Great job, Geena.
SEAN ROMERO ----------------------------

The bonuses included in this package will help add flair to your pages and collect leads for your IM business. This course is recommended it just is very well done.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kompozer Tutorial
Is this good for newbies?
This is specially created for newbies As long as you are willing to put the work into it and follow instructions, you will be just fine.

Any other expenses?
Outside of the domain & hosting, there are no other expenses.

Can I just Outsource All Of This?
You can always outsource anything. But...learning
the basics of any skill is not just smart thing to do,
it is well worth it as well. It is hard to find reliable outsource'r, if you don't know the basics as well.

How can I get customer support?
Sometimes, things happen. A link may not work, or you may just feel "lost." No worries :-). Just open a support ticket and I'll solve your problem for you in less than 24 hours (may be a bit more on the weekends).
I Am Into Affiliate Marketing, Would I Benefit From This Course?
Absolutely Yes. You will need these skills if you want to do anything serious online.

I Am Technically Challenged, Can I Still Create A Website?
Yes. This tutorial is specially created for beginners and is absolutely thorough.

Can I Use This For Non English Sites?
Yes you can.

How Long It Would Take Me To Create A Website?
With this video course it should take less then a week to create your first website.

How Long Are You Planing To Update This Video Tutorial?
Until The End Of 2014, for now. It will probably be longer.
Will I get any video updates after I purchase and how much does it cost?
All customers receive free updates. I continually add new videos and valuable content. Some of these
Updates and Bonuses are pretty costly too - however you will never pay for any updates. I support my
video course and I support my customers.

I Have Something I need to Ask, How can I contact You?
My Contact Info Will Be Given To You When You Purchase
1. Email
2. Skype
3. Warrior PM
4 Facebook PM
5. Mobile Phone

Kompozer Tutorial

Here's what you are going to get from Kompozer video course!

Over 15 High Quality Video Lessons and 3 hours of content!

Step By Step Video Instructions Specially Created For Beginners


Video #1. 09:13 minutes - Hosting & Domain Name - In video 1, find out where and how to Buy Hosting and a Domain Name, to start building your own website.

Video #2. 10:07 minutes - The Basics - To know the hierarchy of your website is just as important, as your computer hierarchy. When you understand this, you can relax and enjoy wile you build your first website. You will need this knowledge anyway if you want to establish your Internet presence and do anything online..

Video #3. 13:11 minutes - Files & Folders - This is essential video for beginners and is an absolute must, if you want really to understand what are you doing and what goes where in your website. In my opinion this is where most people fail, because they fail to learn the basics.. 

Video #4. 14:17 minutes - Basics Explained - More details again. I want you to understand the basics very well, to have foundation for anything else you want to achieve online.

Video #5. 21:18 minutes - Uninstalling & Installing Programs. To download anything from the Internet, you have to know where you want to download the files. To be able to create a website you will have to know how to install .and uninstall programs and which ones do you need. All the programs that I suggest here are free cool tools that you can use. They just might not be as beautiful and elegant as commercial ones.  

Video #6. 15:54 minutes - Images -  Website graphics and images are the heart of web pages. Articles with images get 94% more total views. Including a Photo and a video in a press release increases views by over 45%. And this is something you have to know.

Video #7. 33:44 minutes - Creating a Web Page With Kompozer Free Html Editor - Creating your website layout, inserting tables, images, links etc. Formating everything to display your website content in an easy to follow manner  ..

Video #8. 12:48 minutes - Upload Web Page - Finally going live. Once you have completed your website all that remains is to get it published for the whole world to see your gloriously designed web pages. This is done with free and easy to use 'FTP' software as you'll see here.

Video #9. 18:13 minutes - Advanced: CSS Menu, Image Slider, - Here we go a little bit advanced, to create your first Free Css Menu and Image slider just as you'll see here.

Video #10. 8:21 minutes - Social Media - Once you have completed your website it's time to Increase traffic and encourage interaction by adding social media to your website. It can encourage social sharing by website visitors through their own social media accounts and have a significant positive impact when it comes to your website’s rankings in search results..
Video #11. 05:07 minutes - Background Image - As you will see in this video, you have control over the color and the background image of your website.

Video #12
. 08:00 minutes - Remove background from image - Essential part when you build a website are images. To be able to remove the background from any image is a very useful skill to have. Even if you have never used any image editor, you will see how fast and really easy it is with this free program. Only few baby steps, but enough to cut out background from any image or just to impress your family and friends..

Video #13. 10:21 minutes - Finishing Touches, Autoresponder, Favicon & Bookmarking and sharing tool - This is just a little bit advanced but don't worry it's very easy. Auto Responder is that form which helps you get your costumers Email addresses. You most likely entered your Email address on some websites in order to get someones newsletter. When you create your autoresponder form you need to insert that form into your web page. In this video you can see how it is done in Kompozer..

Video #14. 09:28 minutes - WordPress Blog - To better position your site, create static Html web pages and install a WordPress blog as well. This way, you will be way ahead of your competition and a website that you build, will be ranked higher then some older websites.
Video #15. 12:00 minutes - Free Traffic - You should never relay on one source of traffic. I have my favourites and here I'll share them with you.  As a source for your traffic you will learn how to create Facebook page in the last video.

Running Time

" Create Your Own Website " has a total running time of over 190 minutes, so in just under 4 hours time you can be building your first professionally looking website.

This video tutorial series is an instant download, so NO waiting for product delivery. You wont need to rely on anyone else to create your site and you will have complete control over your business.

One of the bonus gifts is High Definition Video course WordPress For Beginners. Step - By - Step,  Over The Shoulder video training specially created for beginners without programing experience.

wordpress for beginners video course

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