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I must say that this is by far most comprehensive product I have come across. After going through all those modules, I really got thrilled that I can also create websites like the professionals.


Virgil Stanphill - Oregon, Usa

If you are a beginner and I mean a total beginner, you will be able to create a website using this course. I highly recommend it for newbies. Wish I’d have had this years ago!


Debra - Usa

Geena does speak with an accent in a language other than English, but she speaks very clearly and precisely—very easy to understand what she says..


Phoebe - Honolulu, Hawai

"OMG, is she going to repeat the same thing again?", because she repeats detailed steps over and over. Then I realized, Hey! I'm actually retaining information!


J. Sifu MindsetTheory - Thailand

I highly recommend this for beginners. I am impressed the amount of details that are there in these videos. I really appreciate the amount of work and the way how the course is structured


Lenj2020 - Usa

Even if you are a Wordpress user like I am there is tremendous value in knowing and understanding how to build a website from scratch. This is a great way to have all the basics in one place.


Eric - Great Lakes

If you don't know how to make an html website, nor a wordpress site, you will after watching her videos. She teaches you how to do all of this with Free tools. Great job G..


Sean Romero - Long Beach, Ca

The bonuses included in this package will help add flair to your pages and collect leads for your IM business. This course is recommended it just is very well done..


The Marketeer

There's a lot of time an effort gone into this course. I haven't seen anything so detailed yet simple to understand on this topic yet. It will be worth every cent.


Vinodh - India

This tutorial series really shows how easy it is to use Komposer to make websites even if you are a beginner with little to no knowledge of HTML. Templates are of great quality and definitely worth downloading


Ian Michaels

I have seen a lot of video courses and I can honestly say that this one is perhaps the most detailed and complete that I have ever seen. This is an exceptionally high quality product, truly a step-by-step walkthrough...


Kevin Bird - London, Uk

Geena you have over delivered with this course in my opinion. When going through the course content it delivers exactly what has been detailed & much more besides.


Laun - Bangkok, Thailand

If you pass up this opportunity, you will continue searching endlessly for a way to make money online because of the lack of important details needed to build websites..


Krish - Universe

Geena explains various website building and supporting things like resizing of images, promotional aspects including adding auto-responders, creating Facebook page etc.


Edgar Griggs - Dfw, Texas

The videos are really well made and full of detail. I was able to easily follow along and had a good time going through the videos. I learned a lot even though I consider myself an intermediate webpage developer.

What Do I need To Know

To create a website you need to know at least the " following "...

Steps To Start a Website

Six steps to start your own website. Here is how to begin.

How Much Does a Website Cost

The best free software and resources to create a website with lowest potential costs.

Hosting & Domain Name

To be able to create your own website, you will have to Buy a Domain Name and Hosting.

What Are Name Servers?

Your web host will assign you name servers, when you enroll in their hosting service.

What Kind of Site Should I Build?

Before you start, you should know there is an easy solution for almost everything.

Kompozer Vs WordPress

No need to know Html code to create a website with either one of them.

Installing Kompozer

WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor does not require HTML knowledge.

Installing FileZilla

FileZilla is a Free Ftp program and is one of the most popular FTP clients in use today.

Background Image

How to change a background color or specify the background image for the web page.

Ways To Build a Website

There are two best and easiest ways for the beginners to start building a website...

Planning Website Structure

You would be surprised how many people just leave out this important part.

About Free Websites

We would never recommend a free website. Although it could be useful " only "...

Browser Settings

It's on the list of the basic skills, but never the less, it is very important.

9 Standard Pages

There are 9 standard web pages that every website should have to be taken seriously.

Kompozer Tutorial - Video Course For Beginners

Over 15 High Quality Video Lessons and 3 hours of content! Step-By-Step, Over The Shoulder Video Instructions Specially Created For Beginners!

Video #1. 09:48 minutes - The Basics - To know the hierarchy of your website is just as important, as your computer hierarchy. When you understand this, you can relax and enjoy while you build your first website. You will need this knowledge anyway if you want to establish your Internet presence and do anything online..

Video #2. 13:11 minutes - Files & Folders - This is essential video for beginners and is an absolute must, if you want really to understand what are you doing and what goes where in your website. In our opinion this is where most people fail, because they fail to learn the basics. with this these basic videos you simply will not be one of them.

Video #3. 09:13 minutes - Hosting & Domain Name - In the video 3, find out where and how to Buy Hosting and a Domain Name to start building your own website.

Video #4. 17:06 seconds - Name Servers - In the video number four, you will find out what are Name Servers and how to change them.

Video #5. 3:40 minutes - Kompozer Free Html Editor - In this video you will learn how to download and install Kompozer. Kompozer is the best choice among free HTML editors. Kompozer is designed to be extremely easy to use, making it ideal for non-technical computer users who want to create an attractive, professional-looking web site without needing to know HTML or web coding. It is so called (WYSIWYG) HTML editor. As you will see in this course it doesn't take long to learn this program.

Video #6. 33:44 minutes - Creating a Web Page With Kompozer Free Html Editor - Creating your website layout, inserting tables, images, links etc. Formatting everything to display your website content in an easy to follow manner.

Video #7. 05:07 minutes - Background Image - As you will see in this video, you have control over the color and the background image of your website.

Video #8. 10:21 minutes - Finishing Touches, Autoresponder, Favicon & Bookmarking and sharing tool - This is just a little bit advanced but don't worry it's very easy. Auto Responder is that form which helps you get your costumers Email addresses. You most likely entered your Email address on some websites in order to get someones newsletter. When you create your autoresponder form you need to insert that form into your web page. In this video you can see how it is done in Kompozer.

Video #9. 02:12 minutes - Download & Install FileZilla - In this video, you will read how to download and install Ftp program. AN FTP CLIENT is a program we use to upload the web pages, images and any other files that we created on our home computer with an Html editor ( or any other program ) to our hosting companies server.

Video #10. 12:48 minutes - Upload Web Page - Finally going live. Once you have completed your website all that remains is to get it published for the whole world to see your gloriously designed web pages. This is done with free and easy to use 'FTP' software as you'll see here.

Video #11. 4:43 minutes - Browser Settings For Download - Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox settings for download. To download anything from the Internet, you have to know where you want to download the files.

To make your own site and to really understand what are you doing and what goes where into your website, you will have to understand the basics first. In our opinion this is where most people fail, because they fail to learn the basics. With "Simple Five Pages Website" free video course you simply will not be one of them.

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The Basics Of Website Design - Free Ebook For Beginners! We did our greatest to bring you the best solutions and web design guide for beginners in 2016. Enjoy your learning!

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